Venue : Honeypot Lakes (This is the old Brocks Water lakes under new management)

Location : Stock

Date : 27th-28thApril

Total Spaces Available  : 10

Number qualifying for final : 2

Website :  Honeypot Lakes

A fantastic water producing some good fish in last years qualifier, meant that it had to be included In the running this year. Around 4 acres in size with depths between 5-10 feet heavily stocked with carp between 5-30lb with a great head of 20lb + fish.

Solid bags and method feeders seem to be the way on this venue, but zigs can also get some bonus bites when things are slow.

Team Name
The GooSkins77lb 90z
Ultaviolet77lb 6oz
Team Rod Box75lb 8oz
Noddy's R' Us24lb 6oz
Carp Trader15lb 14oz
Geriatric Wizards0lb 0oz
TWB0lb 0oz
A Lovely Pair of Bristols0lb 0oz
A couple of blankers0lb 0oz